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I spent all my spare time reading voraciously about economics, finance and modern commerce. I kept my day job for another eight years, as it afforded me the luxury of visiting exotic ports and harbours, where I had experience of working with stevedores, logistics companies, commodity producers and traders, importers, exporters and various other wheelers and dealers around the world. I earned a good living - enough to put some money aside for what I then considered a proper education. In 11 years I traveled to more than 100 countries, rose in rank from a cadet to a master mariner with progressively more responsibility and a wider perspective. I saw thousands of different ways of doing similar things in the different places I visited and worked. All of these methods had some qualities worth emulating, yet others of little value. In my spare time I added another pursuit to my economic studies - combining alternate ways of doing things to find the best method to suit the circumstance in question. These two pursuits had already become my twin passions long before I studied for my MBA at one of the best business schools in Australia and took a job as a management consultant in Sydney with a top-tier global consulting company. For the past 15 years I have been a management consultant to CEOs, boards and top executives in Asia, Australia and other parts of the world. I have focused on empowering corporations on five continents to achieve their peak potential – in operations, strategy and all components of their entire supply chains. In January 2000, I co-founded and managed Global Supply Chain Group, a high-impact services company made up of supply chain pioneers and thought leaders who work only on selected high-impact strategy projects with some of the largest corporations in the world. I spend 60% of my time travelling the world for a single passion – creating, configuring, and formulating effective, secure and sustainable supply chains. With that said, let me also use one paragraph to talk. With more than 10,000 business books released each year, it is clearly not a worthwhile exercise to add to the cacophony of sound unless I have a meaningful message to convey. The returns are paltry and I have already written another book, listed with a respected publisher under my name (albeit with shared credits as a co-author). I do not particularly relish the long work hours any more. What motivated me to spend nearly every spare moment in the past 18 months. Business is the engine of the society and it will need newer models of commerce to fast-track any recovery. The hollowing out of skills from entire societies, without replacing them by other competencies, high levels of youth unemployment (often disguised by serious looking play on iPads and tablets), and growing economic imbalances risking implosions of unrest, civil commotion or even a great war, have all combined to create an alarming set of circumstances. Whatever transpires in the short term, eventually business people will have to lead the way to recovery around the world.It is evident that I am passionate about newer models that work better. In my projects and work around the world, I have noticed that in almost all circumstances, there is always some way to make things better. We only have to look around and see where the guidelines and trends are and which models will best suit. A listing in the business directory can help to boost your business' profile on the internet.